QOTD: Who And Why Would Buy This Pile Of Burned McLaren Rubble?


What you’re looking at can’t really be considered a car anymore as it is nothing more than a burnt-out pile of scrap but believe it or not, it used to be a McLaren GT.

This McLaren is listed up for sale from Copart and is located in Houston East, Texas. Not a single part of it could be salvaged and sold and yet, it will soon be listed up for sale.

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Limited details about the car are provided in the listing, other than the obvious fact that its primary damage is stated as ‘burn’ while the secondary damage is listed as ‘all over.’ Just how the GT ended up in this sorry state is unclear but it was probably either involved in a crash that triggered a fire or it suffered some kind of issue that caused it to combust. Of course, there’s also the possibility that it was caught up in a house or structure fire.

Regardless of what destroyed this McLaren, the damage is so comprehensive that the car is almost impossible to identify. In fact, the only parts that give away its identity are the wheels, the rear diffuser, and the tailpipes.

As the McLaren GT is made largely from carbon fiber, huge shards of melted and destroyed carbon are visible in the photos. As for why anyone would pay real money to buy this… thing, well, we really have no idea.

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