Suicidal Long-Boarder Skates Through Five Lanes Of Traffic, Somehow Survives


In 1993, a website was launched dedicated to the ‘Darwin Award’, a tongue-in-cheek award used to recognize someone contributing to human evolution by “making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives” in what’s usually an extraordinarily stupid manner to protect our gene pool and further the human species.

The long-boarder in this video will surely be on the shortlist to receive a Darwin Award in the not too distant future.

In the U.S., dramatic dashcam footage has been shared online that shows the moment a person on a longboard crosses through five lanes of traffic on a major highway at sunset.

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The near-miss happens so quickly that we recommend watching the video below at 0.5x speed. Keep your eyes fixated towards the right of the road and you will see an individual riding a longboard directly across the highway, forcing multiple motorists to slam on their brakes to avoid the person. Remarkably, the skater appears to make it through traffic unscathed.

As the person doesn’t appear to have been injured, let alone killed, they may not be eligible to receive an official Darwin Award. However, based on the idiocy of this stunt, we think there’s a good chance their time will come, especially if they keep such utterly ridiculous antics.

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