Tesla Model 3 Outsells Honda Accord In California: Closing In On Camry

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Tesla Model 3 remains in the race for the #2 best-selling car in California in 2019, just 277 behind the Toyota Camry.

New car sales in California over the first nine months of 2019 have experienced a mild decline (down 5.1% to 1.43 million YTD), but the plug-in (BEV/PHEV) and hybrid (HEV) segments were positive.

According to the California New Car Dealers Association, during Q1-Q3 sales of plug-ins increased by 5.6% year-over-year to 112,961, which is 7.9% of the total sales results.

It could be better, but as you can see in detailed stats below, the plug-in hybrid category continues on a significant decline. The overall share of all xEVs (HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs) is 13.4%:

  • BEVs: 78,776 (market share of 5.5%), up 28% from 61,386
  • PHEVs: 34,185 (market share of 2.4%), down 25% from 45,537
  • Total: 112,961 (market share of 7.9%), up 5.6% from 106,923
  • HEVs: 79,017 (market share of 5.5%), up 27% from 62,189
  • Total xEVs: 191,978 (market share of 13.4%), up 13.5% from 169,112

Interestingly, conventional hybrids managed to outsell all-electric cars again.

Plug-in electric car sales in California – Q1-Q3 2019


The BEV segment is growing at a healthy pace of 28% year-over-year, which hopefully will even increase in 2020 with the introduction of new high-volume models.

Tesla was once again the quickest growing brand with 58,627 sales (up 32.1% year-over-year), having a 4.1% market share.

Several BEVs were in the top 5 of their respective classes:

The Tesla Model 3 is the #3 best-selling car model with just a small gap to #2!

  1. Honda Civic – 58,967
  2. Toyota Camry – 48,760
  3. Tesla Model 3 – 48,483
  4. Honda Accord – 43,709
  5. Toyota Corolla – 40,928

Source: California New Car Dealers Association – Auto Outlook: 2019 Q3

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