Electric BMW 7-Series to offer up to 670 horsepower?

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BMW’s all-electric 7-Series may pack as much as 670 horsepower and offer a Tesla-topping 120 kwh battery to boot, giving BMW’s large sedan the chops necessary to compete against the next wave of luxury EVs. 

Sources in Munich told BMWBlog that BMW is testing two variants of its coming electrified 7-Series, reportedly dubbed the i7. The base i7 will utilize a 100 kwh battery pack and electric motors capable of delivering roughly 550 horsepower. The higher-end i7s will reportedly boast a 120 kwh battery and deliver a whopping 670 horsepower. Both models are said to offer roughly 325 miles of range on the EPA cycle (or 360 miles of range on the WLTP cycle used in Europe). 

BMW has publicly confirmed some details of its 5th-generation electric drive system, which it claims is capable of delivering at least 720 horsepower. The architecture is compact and modular, combining the electric motor, transmission and power control unit into the same housing. Three of these combined units motivate the 5-Series test mule BMW revealed in June; two power the rear wheels, allowing for torque vectoring control, and one powers the front.

This system allows BMW to scale power output and all-wheel drive capability for individual models by simply adding or subtracting power delivery units. A front- or rear-wheel drive car could use only one unit for efficiency or two for performance (likely in the case of a rear-wheel drive sport sedan or coupe, which could make use of two-motor torque vectoring). All-wheel drive would require a minimum of two units (one front; one rear) but could utilize up to four for maximum performance and precision control of torque delivery. 

A version of this same system will power the upcoming iX3 crossover, but it will likely utilize only one or two units (depending on configuration) and make substantially less horsepower. Range for the compact iX3 is expected to fall between 200 and 300 miles. 

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